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Should you specialize or generalize? Should designers learn to code?

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As the technical landscape continues to evolve and diversify, there are so many technical paths and career directions people can take. At a certain point, professionals may need to decide: Should I specialize in a particular technology or stack? Should I specialize in front-end or back-end development? Should I be a full-stack developer? Should I … Continued

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UI Prototypes: Why Real Copy is Better than Lorem Ipsum

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I was glad to come across a video from the acclaimed User Experience and Usability experts: the Nielsen Norman group, on a subject I learned about the hard way a while back. It was a short video with Page Laubheimer explaining a few benefits of using real content over Lorem Ipsum (pseudo-Latin placeholder text). You see, … Continued

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Gears with the words Devops inside

What the heck is DevOps?

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Of late in the software world we have heard the hot buzzword “DevOps” used and abused oh so often. In addition to grappling with the new influx of philosophies, ideologies and methodologies like Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban, XP, TDD, BDD we are now faced with dealing with the term: DevOps. So what is DevOps? DevOps … Continued

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WP CLI: Command LIne Interface for WordPress

How to Set Up WordPress Using WP Client

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Time is valuable, and here at Balystic we take that very seriously.  Because we set up a good amount of instances in really short periods of time, we are always looking for ways where we can have our WordPress instances up and running as quickly as possible. For this, we are now using WP CLI tool.  WP CLI , … Continued

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How to Find Long-tail Keywords for Better SEO

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By now you must be up to your ears in posts about how important keywords are for SEO – you get it – they’re essential for being found online. But maybe you haven’t seen enough on how long these keywords should be to really drive traffic to your website. Long-tail keywords are three to four keyword phrases which … Continued

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phishing scam spam

Classic phishing scam spam attempt: Do you accept credit card

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I have received probably 100+ emails and texts very similar to this: Hello Good day. My name is Clara Jones, am hearing impaired that why i email you i would like to know if you  if you do website design? and do you accept credit card or check, for payment kindly get back to me … Continued

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How to Align Requests for Proposals (RFPs) with Agile Development

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By now, most tech-savvy business professionals understand the clear benefits of agile development. Yet, most of the contracting and procurement folks have yet to align their practices with agile to leverage agile’s benefits. Recently, I saw a request for proposal to build an enterprise level system for a quasi-governmental agency and in that proposal it … Continued

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Balystic Website re-designs: Before and After

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Balystic has always worked with the determination to give non-profit groups the websites they need that are worthy of the causes they support. We want to show you a few before and after shots of our previous work, to give you a peek into what we could do for you. Let’s begin with one of our first non-profit … Continued

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What to do when when your SEO isn’t showing results

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We all know how it is, you strain your eyes and burn your fingers off trying to find and inject all your keywords into everything, clicking through endless pages of content, then you stalk the stats every day afterwards hoping to see a lovely big spike on the charts. But all your tired eyes see is … Continued

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