Balystic Website re-designs: Before and After

Balystic has always worked with the determination to give non-profit groups the websites they need that are worthy of the causes they support. We want to show you a few before and after shots of our previous work, to give you a peek into what we could do for you.

Let’s begin with one of our first non-profit clients: T-Ten Services. Now T-Ten is a medium sized organization dedicated to helping children with social and behavioral needs. They had plenty to offer, but their website fell short and people weren’t finding it or paying much attention to it. So in comes Balystic.

Not only did we create a unique WordPress website with integrated SEO, we also went over to meet them and take professional photos of them working with the children to use on their website. If you were to entrust your children to someone, you’d want to see their faces and working environment, right? We also recorded tutorials for their non-savvy staff to be able to have full control over their website content.

So here is a peek of what the Homepage and the About page looked like before and after we worked on it.

Homepage and inside page of T-Ten services, re-designed by Balystic

Next up is SEOQ, a site with the goal of educating those interested in SEO on how to be better at it. The main issue was the website itself wasn’t at all attractive, and wasn’t reaching the younger audience they were targeting. They also wanted to tailor their content to website owners, experts, and learners, instead of just presenting a tool to compare website rankings.

Here’s how we transformed their website, where below the fold we added an introduction to the new content and made the tool a secondary feature instead of the main feature (to see the whole page, check our Portfolio here). Of course, we also made it responsive.

SEOQ Homepage transformation.

Now although we primarily serve non-profits, we also deliver our services to commercial groups and businesses who decided they are tired of their 90’s looking website and need a boost to the modern-day aesthetic. Here’s what we did for Cloudburst Security, a cybersecurity business who came to us looking for a new WordPress website which was easy to manage, kinder to the eyes, and fully responsive. Take a look at what we did:

Homepage and News page of the old Cloudburst Security website versus the new re-designed website.

What do you think about our work? Whether you love it or have a suggestion, tell us in the comments! If you’re a non-profit or commercial entity looking for a new website or just a re-design to boost traffic, engagement, and visibility, then give us a call.


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