7 Techniques to Increase Traffic and Grow Revenue

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On November 3rd (2016), I attended a webinar hosted by Neil Patel, an experienced marketer who is also the co-founder of Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and Quick Sprout. He has helped TechCrunch generate 2x more traffic and has worked with big brands like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Salesforce to help boost their revenue. So yes, … Continued

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Forget Millennial marketing, here’s how to market to Generation Z

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First of all, who on earth are Generation Z? Well, this new force to be reckoned with in today’s society are those born in 1995 and after, barely reaching 18 years old, just getting out of high school and entering the workforce. They’re young, they’re tech-savvy, and by 2020 they’ll make almost half of consumers. So, … Continued

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How to change your WordPress installation’s table prefix?

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This might sound like a strange thing to do, but it could happen that you need to do it. For example, imagine that you just have one database both for your staging and production environment. I know this is probably not an ideal scenario, but if you consider monthly expenses for database services (like Amazon RDS) and … Continued

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How to do a Sprint Review in Agile Development

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If you’re on a team just starting to get into agile development, or on a team who have long been applying it but suspect you may be doing it wrong, then you will want to know how to correctly perform a Sprint Review. A sprint review is a meeting held after a sprint (typically lasting … Continued

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How to Migrate Content from Drupal 7 to WordPress 4?

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Sometimes you realize the technology you used for your application or website is actually more complex than needed (do you remember what this acronym KISS means?) or maybe you just want to get on the same wavelength and try this famous CMS (WordPress) everybody is talking about. In either case, you cannot just dismiss your thousands … Continued

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What is Jade and PostCSS and what are they for?

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Jade is an easy HTML template creator. I just read something about it and looks very promising and definitely is a good option to add to our web development workflow.   Here is brief example of you can do with JADE. You can find more documentation and advanced tips and trick in this page   … Continued

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How to migrate a multi-site WordPress installation to Pantheon?

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A lot of people use the WordPress multi-site feature to build and manage their sites (even does it) as it allows them to have an almost infinite number of web sites in just one installation. This might look like an efficient approach, but it has disadvantages and remember that all that glitters is not gold (see more on … Continued

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Should I call it News or Blog? What’s the difference?

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Question: I know what a blog is but worry my clients won’t get it. Would “news” be better? But that doesn’t convey to me what blog does. News/blog? What should we label the button to the page with all those things we publish? Answer: The purpose of this thing (blog, news, whatever) is to drive traffic to … Continued

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A First-timer’s Review of the WordPress Meetup in Washington D.C.

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Let me start by saying that I’ve never gone to a WordPress meet up before, so this was a whole new experience that left me intrigued, but ultimately, not entirely psyched to return. After taking considerable time walking down the streets of DC at 6pm trying to find the right building, we were warmly welcomed … Continued

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