Classic phishing scam spam attempt: Do you accept credit card

phishing scam spam

I have received probably 100+ emails and texts very similar to this:

Hello Good day. My name is Clara Jones, am hearing impaired that why i email you i would like to know if you  if you do website design? and do you accept credit card or check, for payment kindly get back to me as soon as possible. Regards.

It is kind of like those Nigerian letters and emails saying they have money in your name and just need bank account and routing number.  They always say they are hearing impaired, probably because they want to remain in chat or email mode and don’t want to get on the phone to reveal the origin of their accent or perhaps trace the call.

Their intent is probably to get bank account and routing number or to send me a document that I open up and that releases some malware or trojan horse or some kind of whacky cyber threat.