Balystic, along with its sibling company, Agileana, is a product and partner of inQbation – an incubator and accelerator of tech startups. We embrace open source technologies, Lean Startup, and agile web development.  The types of things that we do and services that we provide include:

  • Agile project management
  • Design – Website design, user centered design, interactive design, responsive design
  • Development – Web application development, front-end, back-end
  • Strategy – Digital strategy, content strategy, social media strategy, SEO strategy
  • Website support, operations, maintenance
  • Information technology support
  • Cyber security

Our capabilities are defined by our people, processes, and tools.

People. Our people are technologists – business-savvy, tech-savvy, social-media-savvy, mobile-savvy, agile technologists. We are computer scientists, software engineers, technical architects, interactive designers, project managers, growth hackers. In addition to our technology degrees, we have certifications in project management, scrum, SAFe, and other relevant skills. We are open source software advocates and strive to leverage open source technologies, open source content management systems, and other open source technologies.

Processes. We are guided by our agile approach, which is very much team-based. Be believe that the entire team is responsible for the User Stories we deliver. If we succeed, it is a team win.  If we fail, it is a team failure.  As a team, we perform knowledge sharing rituals (KSRs), pair programming, and sprint retrospectives to ensure that we are working smart and according to best practices. We strive to document everything we do so the next person who comes along doesn’t have to figure it out from scratch. This also helps with our employee on-boarding, transition-in, and transition-out.

Tools. Our tool box includes the types of tools that most progressive, agile, tech companies use to manage projects and communicate transparently with clients including Atlassian, JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, GitHub, Tempo, Slack, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Google Docs, AWS, Heroku, Cloudflare, Jenkins, Docker, Git, Vagrant, New Relic, Open Stack, Travis CI, Splunk, Trello, Codeship, BrowserStack, Drupal, and WordPress.