Balystic proudly serves the National 4-H Council by providing website maintenance, enhancements, performance optimization, and DevOps for the National 4-H Council portfolio of websites powered by WordPress.

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Agileana is a lean, agile, web development agency in Washington DC serving government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and higher education. If you need agile Drupal development or want to buy from the GSA IT 70 schedule or 18F Agile Delivery Services BPA then Agileana might be what you need.

When we designed the Agileana website, we wanted a bold, high-impact first impression that let people know, at first glance, that Agileana is based in the Washington DC metro area and focuses on lean, agile, responsive, web development. The big, bold, high-impact imagery is a web design trend that came into prominence circa 2015.

Like Balystic, Agileana is an alumni of inQbation Labs, an accelerator and incubator of startups.

Agileana lean agile web drupal development in washington dc with it 70 gsa schedule

SEO Quotient: Rank Higher!

Do you ever wonder why your website does not rank as high as a competitor’s website – even if you happen to be in the same relative location, maybe even the same office park? We wonder the same thing as well.  As a result, we developed an SEO Analysis tool that uses reverse engineering to better understand the differences between two websites and why one might rank higher than the other on search engines.

SEO Quotient is a product of inQbation Labs. We used agile web development methodology, Python, Angular JS,  and a series of sprints to evolve this product over time. We invite you to try SEO Quotient and give us your feedback so we can continue to make this a better and more useful SEO analysis tool.

CaliCasa Real Estate Marketplace

CaliCasa is an experiment in social engineering, cloud computing, software as a service, and crowd-sourcing. inQbation Labs conceived, sponsored, and financed a startup weekend hackathon in Cali, Colombia; where we brought together over 100 web designers, developers, and social media marketers from all over the country, over the course of a 3 day weekend, to design, develop, and deploy a fully functional web and mobile application. The result is CaliCasa.

While this is still a work-in-progress, the goal is to continue to grow and develop CaliCasa and then ultimately sell the company and share the proceeds with the people who continue to believe in and collaborate on this project. If you have an interest in building and deploying web and mobile applications for the real estate industry, you are welcome to join the movement.

Real estate marketplace in Cali, Colombia

Weekend Startup Hackathon

When working for clients, sometimes we aren’t able to think outside of the box, take risks, follow our passions, or stretch the limits of our capabilities. So, we created a startup organization that allows information technologists, lean startup enthusiasts, and entrepreneurial thinkers to try something new, develop new relationships, learn while doing, and produce something far greater than they could ever produce on their own.

One of our first weekend startup hackathons resulted in a web application called CaliCasa that launched in October, 2014.  Our second event was a digital marketing happy hour for dentists and doctors that allowed us to debut Balystic’s WordPress as a Service in July 2015. More startup events are sure to come.

Weekend Startup Hackathon


Our focus is on helping organizations get the most out of their digital marketing strategy by leveraging the power of WordPress, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.

The Balystic brand is meant to imply our ability to catapult organizations and campaigns to higher levels. It also implies a sense of security and defense because we all know that cyber security threats continue to increase in frequency and severity.

We have a variety and diversity of skills including interactive design and agile web development. We leverage open source technologies including Python, PHP, JavaScript, Git, AngularJS, and dozens more. While we love WordPress, we are also skilled and experienced in other content management systems (CMS) as well.

See more of our work and behind-the-scenes on our Facebook page.

The technical landscape remains in a constant state of evolution. New versions of web browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer continually jockey for position. New sizes of mobile devices continue to emerge ranging from plus to mini.  The same could be said for tablets, laptops, watches, and computer monitors. With each evolution, it is possible that your website no longer looks or works right and adjustments need to be made. With all of the cyber security breaches, malware, ransomware, and malicious software being introduced via phishing and hacking, we have to constantly be on the lookout for security vulnerabilities, back doors, and loopholes that allow bad guys to penetrate our defenses and use our websites and devices for massive denial of service attacks. This takes constant monitoring, proactive updates, and security patches. In addition to all these issues; design trends evolve so much that your sleek, modern website of yesterday no longer looks sleek and modern today.  Moreover, there might be enhancements you would like to make including usability and content grooming. All these issues compel organizations to request maintenance updates and enhancements, which we are pleased and prepared to do.  We have a dedicated maintenance team that strives to run maintenance like a well-oiled machine.